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Accentuate any part of your home with our beautiful orchids.

We deliver orchid plants anywhere in The United States. Fast and damage-free guarantee right to your doorstep.

At Earthly Orchids, we pride ourselves on delivering the epitome of floral elegance — orchid plants — anywhere in the United States. With a fast and damage-free guarantee, we ensure these luxurious blooms arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition. Renowned as the champagne of flowers, orchids infuse every space with a touch of luxury and grace. Beyond their beauty, they're cherished for bringing good luck and prosperity into any home.

Wholesale Orchid Supplier

Wholesale Orchids

We also supply Wholesale Orchids Plants to public and we ship them anywhere in the United States via Airline Cargo or FedEx. To open partner account contact us directly.

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Events & Celebrations

All time Orchids

Weddings, Birthdays,  Christening, Graduation, Company Events, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and all other occasions! EARTHLY ORCHIDS delivers fresh orchid plants and orchid flowers for any of your celebrations wherever you may be in the United States.

Orchids flowers are perfect for any events and are also great as gifts to friends and loved ones!

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Packaging Redefined

Historically, orchids have been a local market. Individuals and businesses learned the hard way all that can go wrong in the packaging and shipping of delicate orchids. Our proprietary method is 100% guaranteed to arrive flawlessly. We take great pride in our flowers and in our packaging and shipping. It’s important to us that the orchid plant you receive is perfect. 

SHIPPING SCHEDULE: Monday's to Thursday's ONLY. No shipping on Friday's, weekends and holidays.

"1-3 DAYS LEAD TIME BEFORE SHIP OUT. Always order in advance."

If your shipping schedule falls on a Friday and/or a weekend expect it to be shipped on the next business day. If the shipping time frame will have a weekend in between, your order will arrive the next scheduled business day.


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