October Featured Orchids for Sale - Trick or Treat!

With Halloween fast approaching, many people have already gone shopping for pumpkins, costumes, decorations, and of course candy, to give out to all our friendly-neighborhood trick-or-treaters. Giving out candy to spooky ghosts, creepy vampires, and all those scary monsters has been a big part of one of our oldest holidays. 

But where did it all begin? Back in the mid-1800’s when Irish Immigrants landed on the shores of the United States, they brought their traditions with them, one of these traditions, Halloween. The rest is history and now Halloween has become an important and fun-filled part of our culture.

To celebrate this holiday of trick-or-treating, we at Earthly Orchids are featuring our sweet-themed phalaenopsis orchids for sale. These orchids surely fit the theme of this sugar-filled occasion.


The classic candy on a stick, lollipops have been around since its birth in 1908. These phalaenopsis orchids are named after the all-time favorite treat, the lollipop. With their long stems and deep purple flowers, these truly look like the Halloween candy we all know and love. 

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It’s every child’s goal to fill their bags with candy every Halloween. After trick-or-treating, they go home and enjoy their hauls in their own little candylands. Our Candyland orchids are truly a sweet-tooth’s dream. The gentle white petals are covered in these lush pink patterns that surely make these orchids all the more sweeter.

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Skittles were made in 1974, through the years, they have been a staple in every home during Halloween. These little bags of candy promise you that you will “Taste the Rainbow” with all the colors and flavors their chewy candies have. Our Skittles orchids are inspired by the popular candy. The white petals are covered with these reddish-purple polka dots just like the round shape of Skittles Candy. 

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Halloween is almost here, and these orchids make great trick-or-treat gifts to our friends and family members who love flowers. Our online orchid store ships anywhere in the US. We offer our orchids retail and wholesale.