Loss, Damage, Refund Policy

Perishables Loss / Damage Policy

Effective May 2015

Refunds or Replacements are subject to Earthly Orchids Company’s discretion. Damage should be reported to us within 24 hours of receiving your orchids. We take great pride in our orchids and we only grow premium grade ones.

All our shipments are packed with utmost care by our team of experienced orchid packers and growers, with our many years of experience in the orchid business, it is our No. 1 Priority that your orchids arrive in it’s pristine condition, orchid plants are perishable and we always take pictures of the plants/flowers before closing the package as proof that all orchids we ship are in it’s best shape. There may be unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control such as loss, delay, fluctuation in temperature and careless logistics handling during shipment.

The company will take full responsibility when the damage or mistake happened on our end, however if the loss, damage, or delay happened out of our hands we will not be held liable and you will not be eligible for refunds or replacement. Generally, perishables such as plants and flowers are non-refundable, the reason why our company ensures that we send you the best quality orchids we have.

Thank you for trusting us!