Arranged Orchids - Dancing Lady by Earthly Orchids

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Arranged Orchids - Live Orchid Plants Features - Dancing Lady Oncidium


  • Premium Yellow Oncidium Orchid with a touch of yellow arranged in a black or white ceramic vase whichever is available. Vibrant colors, waxy flowers, stands around 2 ft.- 3 ft. tall.
  • Local Delivery Includes: Please note: Black or White Ceramic Vase is included. The orchid plant is wrapped and arranged with moss ready to be displayed for everyone to enjoy. 
  • Gift: Orchids make excellent gifts for lots of reasons. A perfect gift to family and friends. Their blooms are beautiful and last for a lifetime and will often bloom repeatedly for many years, ideal décor for your home, office, and even adds glamour to any occasion!
  • Orchid Care: Indoor, place your orchid plant in an area with indirect sunlight but just a bright shade of the sun. Avoid overwatering, constant wetness will cause the roots to rot. Try to water orchids about once a week with lukewarm or room temperature tap water (do not use salt softened or distilled water). Allow the plant to drain for about 15 seconds.

Orchid Plants, Orchids for sale, Perfect Gift for all occasions, and Perfect for your home!

Anywhere in the world, orchids represent a positive thing, and oftentimes, something related to love, luxury, and beauty. This is what makes these orchid plants unique gifts. Whether you give someone a live orchid plant or a cut orchid flower, the reason behind you giving them will be pure and filled with love. 

Earthly Orchids have orchids for sale online for orchids to be delivered anywhere in the US. Our orchid flowers and orchid plants are hand-grown so you are sure it's beautiful, large, and strong. Orchids can be used in any event such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, debuts, birthdays, and many more! Orchids are also a unique choice as a gift for your loved ones, we can ship orchids to you wherever you are in the US! Buy orchids online here in Earthly Orchids

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