Wholesale Orchids

With premium orchids dazzling array of colors and intricate, fanciful blooms, orchids have captivated the imaginations of flower fanciers for hundreds of years. Once prized as exotic rarities available only to the elite, the beauty of orchids is now widely available thanks to domestic orchid growers and flower shop like our own. Earthly Orchids is your number-one source of wholesale orchids in the US. Our extraordinary orchids plants are grown with skill and care, producing lovely, robust plants to brighten up your business or event!

If you’re looking for a striking statement piece to impress your guests, our high quality orchid flowers are a lovely and fragrant option. Freshly-cut orchid flowers and/or live potted orchid plants bring a distinct sense of calm and tranquility to the indoors, reminding visitors of nature while refreshing the eye. Orchids are a particularly dramatic choice for interior decoration, with trailing vines and upright flowers that recall a cloud of butterflies or an exotic bird of paradise. Our glamorous tropical orchids are sure to add a touch of class to any room or hallway.

With Earthly Orchids you can now order orchids online, hassle free and fast delivery Nationwide! We can deliver variety of orchids of your choice in bulk orders. For faster transaction and quotation contact +1 (805) 801-4472