Phalaenopsis Cut Orchid | P. Sogo Diana by Earthly Orchids

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10 stems per order only. For orders more than 10 stems do place multiple orders. Thank you

  • A simple vase is all that's needed to show off these elegant fresh-cut orchid flowers.

  • Top-quality orchids, long stem orchids, live orchids, vibrant colors, large waxy flowers.

  • Shipped with water capsules to supply continuous hydration during shipping.

  • Long shelf life, up to 4 weeks as a cut orchid flower.

  • Each stem can have up to 8-10 or more large waxy textured flowers.

  • Orchids online - Nationwide Delivery 

Throughout the world, orchid flowers represent many different things. In ancient Japan, it was believed that a warrior finding a live orchid was a symbol of his bravery. In China, orchids are believed to represent fertility, refinement, thoughtfulness, and innocence of children. During the Victorian era, it was a custom to gift exotic and rare flowers to show love and affection. In parts of Europe, cut orchid flowers were used as a key ingredient in love potions.

Anywhere in the world, orchids represent a positive thing, and oftentimes, something related to love, luxury, and beauty. This is what makes these flowers great gifts. Whether you give someone a live orchid or a cut orchid flower, the reason behind you giving them will be pure and filled with love. 

Earthly Orchids delivers orchids anywhere in the US. Our orchid flowers and orchid plants are hand-grown so you are sure it's beautiful and strong. Orchids can be used in any event such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, debuts, birthdays, and many more! Orchids are also a great gift for your loved ones, we can ship orchids to you wherever you are in the US!

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