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Simple steps to Replant or Repot your Orchid

Having the knowledge how to repot an orchid is an essential part of Orchid Care. Here in this step-by-step guide we will teach you how to repot without you killing the orchid. 

Tip: Replant your orchid every 1 to 2 years for optimum health.

How to know when it's time to repot your orchid?

The ultimate sign that it's time to repot your orchid is when you are seeing white roots outside the pot, it simply means your orchid plant is too big for it's pot and needs a new one. Also another sign is when you see the roots are beginning to rot, this means your potting medium is no longer draining properly and needing to replace to a new potting mix. 

When should you replant your orchid?

Never ever repot/replant an orchid when it's flowering! That's a big NO! The ideal time to repot an orchid is before it flowers or right after it finishes flowering. 


Now, lets begin repotting your orchid!

Step 1: Gather the materials needed

  • Old newspapers to lay over the work space, to make cleanup easier.
  • New pot, choose a pot 1 to 2 inches bigger than your previous pot.
  • New potting medium (never use soil, it's best to use coco husk, fir bark, redwood bark etc.)
  • Prepare potting medium (In a large bowl or bucket place the amount of potting mix you will use. fill the bucket with hot water. let the potting medium soak and allow it to come to room temperature then drain the potting mix using a strainer. Rinse thoroughly to wash out the dust that was in the mix)
  • Large bucket to collect old planting media
  • Scissors, sterilize with alcohol.

Step 2: Begin removing orchid from current pot

Removing the orchid from it's pot can be tricky. To make the roots more pliable, soak the plant for about 5 minutes in the water. You can cut or break the old pot when needed if the orchid roots and potting medium cling to the old pot.

Step 3: Clean up, inspect and wash the roots

Remove the old planting media from the roots. Do not reuse any old potting media, always use a new media when replanting. Inspect the roots, using the scissor or pruning shear trim the dead or rotten roots. Healthy roots should be white or green and firm. After all these, wash the roots with tap water.

Step 4: Add the potting mix

Place the plant in the pot. Press the potting mix in the pot and around the orchid roots with your thumb and forefinger. Continue adding potting mix until you reach the top of the pot. Tamp and pat the pot to remove air voids. Poke a chopstick around to fill in any gaps.

Keep in mind: Resist the urge to water right away. Let the plant rest a day or two and then water.

You are done, you finally did it!

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