How do we package the Orchids we sell Online



How do we package the Orchids we sell Online?

We at Earthly Orchids have a special way of packaging our Fresh-cut Orchid Stems that we sell online. Packaging is an essential part in delivering Orchids to make sure they get to our customer fresh and zero damage. Each cut orchids has 8 to 10 large waxy flower blooms.

Shipping has invariably been a problem both for sellers and customers. Florists don’t know how to package orchids so the flowers remain intact. Or they THINK they do, and once the customer opens the package they are heartbroken.

We set out to solve this exact problem many years ago. And we did!

Our Orchid Packaging

Orchids require special packing because they are inherently fragile. When shipping single or multiple orchid stems, we secure a shipping carton with enough space to keep plants separated during shipment. Contact between the blooms can lead to damage. We also make sure we provide extra cushioning when shipping. Hydration in cut orchids is also an essential part in shipping, we have special water capsules to keep them fresh. Change in temperatures can be harmful to flowers like orchids, so when shipping we made sure our packaging is designed to protect the orchid flowers from temperature variations during shipment.

Now buying orchids online is worry free! Thanks to Earthly Orchids new way of safe orchid packaging. Now we can make sure orchids arrive to your doorstep Fast, Fresh and ZERO damage. 

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